What Is Voxar 3D?


Barco is a company that has designed 3D software that will improve the efficiency and productivity of a work force in the medical field that have increasing caseloads have to deal with thousands and thousands of images on a daily basis. The Voxar 3D program is a clinical software program that is used in order to effectively manage all of the image data of a MDCT scan, a MRI scan, and a PET scan.

The Voxar 3D software's features are that is gives visualization of CT, MR, and PET studies, it is the market leading software that is Dicom compliant, it has an intuitive user interface and easy work flow, it is the de facto standard for MPR analysis, it is easy to use and has a one click functionality, it has seamless PACS integration, it is a scalable solution for 3D licensing, and it is proven to give a return on its investment.

The Voxar 3D software is able to integrate 3D visualization everywhere in a radiology department's work flow. It can be used in the scanner room where the image study is automatically routed to all of the 3D technologists. The Voxar 3D software allows techs to save, archive, and send live images, all within the original study. This software makes a radiology department of a hospital or any medical facility capable of getting live images of their patients very quickly in order to save time and they are also able to send this live picture to certain areas that may need the information in order to treat the patient more effectively.

Back in the days before they had software such as the Voxar 3D, the patient would have to make a separate appointment for the radiologist to take a picture of what the doctor needed in order to treat the patient. Then, the patient would probably have to go home or if it was more serious, they would have to spend the wait time in the hospital while racking up the bill. It could take several days in order to get the picture back that was needed but now due to the Voxar 3D software, their clinical live images can be sent to the performing doctor with an hour or so of taking them so that the patient and the doctor save a lot of wasted time.

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